Lean Muscle Workout

Below are some LMW subscriber favorite articles and videos that will show you how to train for lean muscle. I’d suggest starting with the articles, then watching the videos after. Enjoy!

-Jeff Larson, Creator of Lean Muscle Workout

Read These Articles To Learn Why To Train:

5 tips Lean Muscle Workout5 Tips to Losing the Last 5lbs

It’s the question I get asked everyday.

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controversial Lean Muscle WorkoutControversial: The Real Reason To Workout

Get lean -> look good -> get more “attention” -> have more fun

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Brad Pitt Fight Club lean 180x300 Lean Muscle WorkoutParty HARDER For Better Results? (checklist inside)

In this post I explain why partying makes you workout harder

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Watch These Videos To Learn How To Train:

In these next few videos, I’m gonna show you Advanced Tips On How To Train For Lean Muscle. The 3 Most Important Things To Think About When Training Are:

  • Muscle Overload
  • Full Range Of Motion
  • Constant Tension

1. Muscle Overload vid

size workout pic Lean Muscle WorkoutMuscle overload can be summed up in one sentence:

Muscle overload is the stimulus for muscle growth.

 Click here to stimulate muscle overload EVERY WORKOUT! 

2. Proper Exercise Execution:

Full Range Of Motion and Constant Tension

The most important part of your training is learning how to keep constant tension on a muscle while exercising it through a full range of motion.  You must be able to actually feel the muscle that you are trying to work. Sounds simple, yet hardly anyone does it correctly. Watch the videos below to learn how to optimize your lifting technique:

 Lean Muscle WorkoutChest

The Incline Barbell Press is the king of all upper chest exercises.

Click here to optimize your technique for a thick upper chest!

 Lean Muscle WorkoutBack

Chin Ups allow you even more range of motion than a pull up.

Click here to optimize your Chin Up technique for a wider back!

 Lean Muscle WorkoutShoulders

The Standing Military Press is the king of the shoulder movements.

Click here to optimize your Standing Military Press for broader shoulders!

 Lean Muscle WorkoutLegs

Dead Lifts hit the hamstrings and lower back hard.

Click here to perfect your deadlift and pack muscle onto your body!

 Lean Muscle WorkoutBiceps

Barbell Curls are still the king of all the bicep exercises.

Click here to optimize your barbell curl technique for bigger guns!

 Lean Muscle WorkoutTriceps

Tricep Dips will torch your triceps, if you do them right.

Click here to perfect your form and start building horseshoe triceps fast!

Bonus Training Video: The Forgotten Workout Variables

 Lean Muscle Workout

Time Under Tension and Tempo

I call time under tension “sexual tension” because it’s the secret sauce to helping you build a sexy bod.

Click here to watch how to incorporate “sexual tension” into your workouts!


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